Helping Fan through treatment: His brand-new Sony Duo

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“I will remember this trip forever”

Fan’s medical journey that brought him to United States started across the Pacific Ocean. In the summer of 2013, Fan was on a long road trip in China when he started experiencing strong pain in his hip. After a while, the pain subsided, but came back weeks later with a vengeance. This time, the hip pain was accompanied by a high fever, and doctors decided to scan the teen’s body.

Fan’s hip pain was far worse than imagined. The scan located a large tumor and doctors diagnosed him with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer that commonly affects children and adolescents. Fan was immediately scheduled for surgery in an attempt to remove the tumor and stop the spread of the aggressive cancer. Doctors also started Fan on chemotherapy.

The effects of his treatment took a devastating toll on Fan. His family couldn’t stand to watch him suffer, so they decided to stop treatment and seek a second opinion in the United States. Once here, Fan’s new hospital started a different version of chemotherapy that garnered positive results. In February of 2014, Fan was considered in remission from his life-threatening condition.

Unfortunately, the good news didn’t last long. Fan’s hip pain returned, and in April, scans revealed the cancer had returned. The teen recently started another, stronger round of chemotherapy and radiation. He undergoes weekly scans and suffers through two hour treatments every five weeks.

To help Fan through his treatments, we granted his wish for a very impressive laptop. With the help of a local Sony store, Fan received a brand-new Sony Vaio Duo 13, complete with all the latest technology. Before the presentation, Fan enjoyed a limo ride and lunch at a local restaurant.

“I was really shocked by all the arrangements; it was amazing,” recalls Fan. “I will remember this trip forever. The laptop is the best gift for me.”

Fan is still in treatment and has started a new type of chemotherapy. He is struggling through his illness but remains hopeful.

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Name: Fan
Age: 18
State: TX
Illness: Ewing Sarcoma
Wish: Sony VIAO Computer
Wish Category: Commodity


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