Emmalee’s dream comes true!


“I loved seeing Ariel!”

Wish Kid Emmalee was diagnosed in the womb with a rare and life-threatening condition called Alagille syndrome. This genetic disorder mainly affects the liver and heart causing abnormalities and preventing the organs from working properly.

By Emmalee’s first birthday, she needed a life-saving surgery to stop her heart from collapsing. The procedure ballooned her heart and had to be repeated three more times in only three years. As a result of her disease, her liver and heart were not formed correctly. A feeding tube was surgically placed when Emmalee was only 1 year old.

Emmalee kept her feeding tube for almost 9 years and needed another surgery to seal the opening from its removal. She also started suffering from uncontrollable and painful itching, another symptom of Alagille syndrome.

Thankfully, Emmalee’s wish trip came just in time to help take her mind off her symptoms. Kids Wish Network granted her wish to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios where the family stayed at luxury accommodations, dined at popular restaurants and explored all the magic of the parks.

Meeting her favorite Disney Princess and spinning on the famous teacups were both items high on Emmalee’s priority list.

I loved seeing Ariel!” Emmalee recalls. Her mom also noted she rode the teacups over and over again.

“It was wonderful to see Emmalee be a kid and forget about everything but the pure fun and magic of Disneyland,” says her mom. “We will forever be grateful to Kids Wish Network for giving Emmalee such a beautiful gift.

A huge thank you goes out to all the Guardian Angel sponsors who helped make Emmalee’s wish trip even more magical!

  • Embassy Suites Brea-North
  • Compassion Partners Program
  • Tony Romas
  • Rainforest Café
  • California Pizza Kitchen.

Emmalee’s doctors monitor her liver closely as she will possibly need a transplant in the future. She will also soon need another procedure to replace the stents in her heart.


Wishes Granted

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