DD’s Disney World Comes to Life


“DD’s wish was such a memorable experience”

DD, as he insists everyone call him, is an imaginative and energized child who has suffered from a life-threatening condition from birth. DD was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a newborn after his mom repeatedly admitted him to ER. She noticed that he wasn’t interested in food and knew that something was wrong. After the newborn screening came back, doctors confirmed that her mother’s intuition was correct, DD was suffering from the genetic disorder. Cystic fibrosis most critically affects the lungs and pancreas and is characterized by excessively think mucus.

DD was put on pancreatic enzymes that help him absorb the fat in his food, and his mom began chest therapy to help loosen the mucus in his lungs. So far, DD has fared well with his medication and therapies. He continues to take enzymes and vitamins every time he eats and participates in regular chest vest therapy.

Despite his dangerous condition, DD is described as a happy child that loves to play pretend. He doesn’t like to stop playing, even though it’s sometimes necessary because of his condition. When he was very young, he came up with his own nickname, DD, and insists that everyone refer to his as that. DD’s favorite move is “Cars” and he loves Mater the tow-truck.

DD and his mother had a fantastic time on his wish trip to the Florida theme parks. DD loved meeting all the charters like Mike and Sully from “Monsters, Inc.”, Buzz and Woody from “Toy Story”, Scooby Do and Shaggy, and Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater from “Cars.”

“DD had so much fun on his wish trip,” recalls his mother Ellie. “His favorite part was going on the Toy Story ride, he kept wanting to ride it over and over again. I can’t say enough about what a fantastic time we had, thank you all so much.”

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Name: DD
Age: 4
State: MA
Illness: Cystic Fibrosis
Wish: Mater from “Cars”
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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