Lucas – Hero of the Month

lucas hero of the month

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, February 2014

Lucas is a brave 16-year-old from Ohio who suffers from a history of ulcerative colitis. He previously underwent a total colectomy and ileostomy, which removed his colon completely and altered his small intestine to allow passage of waste. At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Lucas was recently admitted again for a j-pouch creation but due to various medical complications, his stay was extended to six weeks. Child life specialists at Nationwide praise Lucas for his ability to cope through the hard moments and engage in activities.

“No matter how hard his day is, Lucas always works with a smile on his face,” says nominating Child Life Specialist Brittany Mikuluk. “Lucas has had such a positive attitude during such a tough time in his life. “

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Name: Lucas
Age: 16
State: Queen Creek, AZ
Facility: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


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