Katy’s a California Girl

“Katy suffers from 3 life-threatening illnesses”

Katy San Diego Wish Kid

As a child, Katy suffered with severe muscle pain, multiple respiratory problems and digestive issues, but doctors couldn’t decipher what was wrong. After countless trips to the doctor, Katy was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition in which the thyroid gland is attacked by the body’s own cells. In an attempt to control the effects of her disease, surgeons destroyed part of her thyroid gland when Katy was just 10 years old.

The surgery seemed to resolve Katy’s issues, and by the time she was 15, her symptoms had disappeared. It wasn’t until 3 years later, as Katy was getting ready to graduate high school, when her issues returned with a vengeance.

After several weeks of experiencing extreme fatigue and muscle pain, Katy blacked out behind the wheel and suffered a terrible car accident. Paramedics were unable to find Katy’s pulse at the scene but she was rushed to the hospital in time and suffered from a major concussion. After more tests, Katy was also diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, the reason behind her frequent fainting spells, constant fatigue and digestive problems. The teen also suffers from an inherited condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes extremely loose, painful joints. It causes Katy to be in constant pain and require multiple surgeries.

Despite the combination of Katy’s life-threatening disorders, she tries to enjoy time with her family and friends. Katy and her family spent lots of time together during her wish trip to sunny California to visit Disney World, Huntington Beach and Sea World. The all-inclusive wish trip provided Katy and her family with luxury accommodations, reservations at top-notch restaurants, and tickets to the California theme parks.

Katy continues to battle against all three of her life-threatening illnesses and is hopeful for the future.

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Name: Katy
Age: 19
State: PA
Illness: Mitochondrial Disease and Hashimoto’s
Wish: San Diego
Wish Category: Travel


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