Jace’s Fast Ride at Disneyland

“Jace wasn’t even tired at the end of the day”

Four-year-old Jace is a joyful little boy that loves to go fast; it doesn’t matter if it’s car rides, toy cars or being pushed in his wheelchair, the faster the better. One thing that does advance too fast for the child is his life-threatening illness.

Jace was born premature at only 29 weeks and had a shunt placed in his brain one week after birth as a result of hydrocephalus, a life-threatening condition that causes water to build up on the brain. Jace was then diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy at 1 years old, and only six months later his shunt failed and he needed three separate revision surgeries.

Jace was adopted shortly after his fourth shunt revision surgery and began to thrive until April 2013 when his shunt failed again. He became extremely ill, suffering from vomiting, high blood pressure and seizures. After he stopped breathing, medics airlifted the fragile child by helicopter for another emergency shunt revision.

Since that day, Jace has been fighting an ongoing battle that includes 9 shunt revisions within 10 months. Due to his constant surgeries, Jace has developed severe epilepsy with episodes leaving him unconscious. He has spent more time in the hospital than at home and has been medically transported by helicopter 4 times and once by plane.

Jace’s wish trip gave his family time together where the smiles were endless. Kids Wish Network sent Jace and his family to the California theme parks including Universal Studios and Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure. Jace loved swimming in the pool at his wonderful hotel, the Hilton Anaheim, and visiting all the parks.

“Jace liked the fast rides the best; he would laugh and put his hands in the air,” describes mom Kris. “At the end of the day, we were all tired but Jace was still ready to go. He enjoyed everything so much. Thank you all, we had a wonderful time.”

Jace is currently doing well after his wish trip. His condition is monitored closely for any signs that his shunt might be failing again.


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