Deidre gets NYC Experience Wish

Deidre at Saks Fifth Avenue
Deidre at Saks Fifth Avenue

“My first Broadway musical ever; it was just incredible.”

At the beginning of her freshman year, Deidre thought it was normal that she was exhausted all the time. Doctors initially diagnosed her with mono, an illness common among active teens, but when months went by and her health continued to decline, concerns were raised. She also began experiencing bouts of stomach pain and detected a lump in her abdomen. When the pain became unbearable, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered and diagnosed a desmoplastic small round cell tumor. The aggressive and rare tumor primarily occurs as a mass in the abdomen and carries a poor prognosis.

Deidre immediately began chemotherapy and radiation treatment along with a stem cell harvest. To maintain her positive outlook on life, Deidire has always found comfort in performing and uses this outlet now more than ever. So when her chance came to see a live Broadway play, part of her New York City wish granted by Kids Wish Network, she was more than excited.

The caring teen and her family had an amazing NYC experience. Deidre’s favorite part was getting to see the live Broadway performance of her favorite musical “Les Misérables”. She enjoyed luxury seats, a backstage tour and a chance to meet the cast.

“It was my first Broadway musical ever; it was just incredible,” she says. “I’m so amazed by how impressive the cast is.”

Dedire’s amazing NYC wish didn’t end there. She dined at three fabulous restaurants: Butter Midtown (owned by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli), Pershing Square and Morton’s The Steakhouse; toured the Metropolitan Museum of Art, enjoyed amazing accommodations at the Roosevelt Hotel, and traveled like a star thanks to U.S. Limousine Service and Empire CLS. In preparation for her Broadway debut, Saks Fifth Avenue donated an entire outfit worth over $1,200, complete with a personal shopping experience, and the teen had her makeup professionally done by Andie Sleeman, a television makeup artist.

Deidre and family on Hornblower Cruise
Deidre and family on Hornblower Cruise
Another great experience was the personal dinner cruise provided by Hornblower Cruises and Events. The cruise line went out of their way to plan a unique event tailored just for Deidre and her family. The General Manager served her favorite dinner and important staff members sang all her favorite songs.

“The cruise was the most memorable part,” Deidre recalls. “It summed up the whole trip perfectly and was a great way to celebrate my family and my life.”

Deidre recently completed her last round of chemotherapy but faces a difficult road to remission. She is scheduled frequently for scans to check her status but, as always, remains positive.

“Thank you so much to Kids Wish Network,” she says. “It really was my dream come true.”

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Name: Deidre
Age: 18
State: KS
Illness: Desmoplastic small round cell tumor
Wish: See Les Misérables in NYC
Wish Category: Travel

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