Ciara’s Magical Wish

“Ciara got to do everything she wanted on her wish”

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 2, Ciara also battles epilepsy, another life-threatening disease. Ciara had her first seizure at 2 ½ and suffers from repeat episodes ranging from mild to extreme seizures, about every six months. Since her initial diagnosis, Ciara has been hospitalized a total of six times.

Ciara takes daily insulin shots and watches what she eats but it doesn’t stop the constant threat of a seizure episode. If her blood sugar drops or she participates in certain activities, the chance of a seizure increases.

Wish Kid Ciara and the South Carolina Gamecocks and Aj Cann

Her parents are very careful when monitoring Ciara’s blood sugar and activities. One thing that is parent-approved, and Ciara loves to do, is attend University of South Carolina Gamecock events. The talkative child has even made friends with Gamecock football star A.J. Cann.

Wish Kid Ciara and A J Cann

Kids Wish Network was excited to coordinate with the university to plan an extra special event for Ciara’s wish.

Ciara had a fantastic time on her magical wish trip to Disney World. The confident and outspoken little girl loved meeting Anna and Elsa from “Frozen”, dining with “Winnie the Pooh” characters, and experiencing all the fun rides. When the “kiddie” rides got too boring, Ciara even braved the big roller coasters and giant, splashing water rides.

Wish Kid Ciara on her wish

“We all had so much fun on Ciara’s wish,” adds Helen. “The only thing that mattered to me was that my kid was happy, and she was; Ciara got to do everything she wanted. All of our wish sponsors were absolutely amazing; they did everything they possibly could for us.”

Ciara has been doing well recently; her blood sugar has consistently stayed at an average level. She is looking forward to starting kindergarten and is adjusting to people, other than her family, administering her insulin shots.


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