Honor and Hailey – Heroes of the Month

hero honor and haily

Maricopa Integrated Health System’s Arizona Children Center, January 2014

Honor and Hailey are a brother/sister pair who were injured in a car accident in the summer of 2013. Honor suffered severe head injuries that required immediate surgery and extensive hospitalization. The 9-year-old had multiple skull fractures and an intracranial hemorrhage forcing surgeons to remove part of his skull in a craniotomy operation. Honor was hospitalized for five days and still requires intensive therapies, but is “always positive, smiling and an absolute joy to work with,” report Child Life Specialists at Maricopa Integrated Health System’s Arizona Children Center.

Hailey mainly suffered from a right upper arm fracture and remained in the hospital for three days, but her journey after recovery is what makes this 17-year-old so remarkable. Hailey felt so impacted by her hospitalization and the struggles her family experienced that she was motivated to give back to the hospital and help others. She organized a “Sub for Santa” event along with her high school class which provided Christmas presents to three needy families. Everyone involved was touched and uplifted by the generosity shown.

“The hospital staff saved my little brother,” says Hailey. “I don’t know if I could ever give back enough. I know how hard it is for a family to get back on their feet financially and I couldn’t imagine going through it during Christmas.”

Both brother and sister have shown extreme courage, strength and generosity through their struggle. Honor continues to need intensive therapies but is almost back to his regular self. Hailey is finishing her associate’s degree in business and plans to continue giving back to others. Kids Wish Network, along with Maricopa Integrated Health System’s Arizona Children Center, is honored to call them Heroes of the Month.

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Name: Honor and Hailey
Age: 9 & 17
State: Queen Creek, AZ
Facility: Maricopa Integrated Health System’s Arizona Children Center


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