Analeyah – Hero of the Month

analeyah hero of the month

White Memorial Medical Center, January 2014

Analeyah is an adorable little 6-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, who has recently stayed quite a few times at White Memorial Medical Center. The shy child first came to the hopsital with respiratory distress and endured many frightenting procedures with numberous blood draws and IV starts.

Analeyah has stayed three separate times in the medical facility for at least five days each and has had to adjust to creating a new normal. Even though this would be a lot for any 6-year-old, Analeyah has impressed the staff by enthusiastically particpating in all her treatments and therapy sessions.

She always has a warm smile to the give the staff, and they are proud to honor Analeyah as the Hero of the Month.

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Name: Analeyah
Age: 6
State: Los Angeles, CA
Facility: White Memorial Medical Center


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