Evan’s dance with Buzz Lightyear


“We’ve been home for days and Evan still hasn’t stopped talking about his wish”

At just over 2 years old, Evan started showing signs of extreme thirst and fatigue, symptoms his mom Jeana recognized as possibly being related to diabetes. Jeana herself has struggled with the disease for decades. She rushed him to the emergency room where a nurse tried over 20 times to insert an IV into Evan’s tiny arm. After so many failed attempts, Evan was transported to another facility where doctors diagnosed him with Type 1 diabetes.

More than just the common diagnosis, Evan is classified as a brittle diabetic meaning the disease impacts his ability to carry out a normal life. Evan began getting 4-5 shots of insulin a day, but doctors soon realized he would need a surgically insert pump to help regulate his blood sugars.

The pump delivers the life-saving medicine when he needs it most but his family must still keep a very close eye on Evan’s condition. His glucose levels have been known to spike and drop rapidly without warning causing Evan to continuously be in and out of hospitals. One thing that helps Evan is his diabetic alert dog, Chewy. Chewy can sense when Evan’s blood sugar levels change and can notify someone in time.

Evan’s daily battle against his life-threatening disease couldn’t contain his shock and excitement as he meet his Disney idol during his wish trip. Evan got to fulfill his dream of dancing with Buzz Lightyear thanks to Kids Wish Network. Evan’s family loved their stay at the amazing accommodations provided by Calypso Cay Resort, dining at fabulous restaurants including Evan’s favorite, Buffalo Wild Wings, and experiencing all the magic of the Disney parks.

“I don’t think words could describe how grateful we are for Evan’s wish trip,” recalls mom Jeana. “He still hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

Watch his wish video here:

Evan is currently doing well and working very hard to keep his blood sugar levels consistent.

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Name: Evan
Age: 4
State: IA
Illness: Diabetes
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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