Bike Rodeo Superstar: Krystta medals with her new custom-bike

Krystta bike wish

“Krystta was finally able to participate in the bike rodeo at school; she won third place!”

As Krystta rounded the final turn at her school’s bike rodeo, the happiness was written all over her face. For years, she has been waiting to participate in the competition, but because of her life-threatening condition, she hasn’t been able to until now.

Krystta was born at only 18 weeks weighing a tiny 14 ounces. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus shortly after birth. Her conditions have required multiple surgeries to help relieve the pain and discomfort cause by them. Her cerebral palsy has greatly affected her muscles and the hydrocephalus was putting pressure on her brain. Krystta has undergone surgeries to reposition her legs, stretch out the muscles in her back, legs and knees, had a shunt inserted and revised, and laser eye surgery to help with her vision impairments.

Amazingly, this adversity has not broken Krystta’s spirit, but rather empowered her. She walks with the help of some assistive devices and continues to fight for her strength. One thing that she’s always wanted to do, like a normal kid, is ride a bicycle, but her condition makes it nearly impossible for Krystta to ride a regular bike.

Kids Wish Network couldn’t wait to grant Krystta’s wish for a custom bicycle that she could ride around. Rifton Equipment donated the bike and Krystta’s school made a special presentation. The 7-year-old now is finally able to participate in her school’s bike rodeo!

“It was so important to Kyrstta that she was able to be a part of her school’s bike rodeo,” recalls her mom Valeria. “She got her bike just in time and was finally able to participate! She won a 3rd place medal!”

Krystta has been doing well with her therapies and is continuing to build her strength.

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Name: Krystta
Age: 7
State: TX
Illness: Cerebral Palsy & Hydrocephalus
Wish: Special Needs Bike
Wish Category: Commodity


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