Kylie’s Island Paradise

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“As much fun as Kylie had, it’s hard to forget how much CF stinks”

Kylie was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis and has struggled to stay out of the hospital ever since. Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening, genetic disease that causes the body to product mucus that’s extremely thick and sticky; it mainly affects the lungs and pancreas. After being hospitalized multiple times for complications from the disease, Kylie’s life changed dramatically. The 11-year-old receives chest therapy multiple times a day for her lungs and is home schooled as a preventative measure. Even the smallest germ or viral pathogen can affect Kylie severely and cause her to be hospitalized.

She also follows a routine filled with proper diet and exercise, like most children suffering from cystic fibrosis. Along with her therapy, this routine helps keep her healthy.

Despite her daily reminders, Kylie is a bubbly young lady that continues to find the positive in life and enjoy every day. Even though she had a few medical issues along the way, she had an amazing time on her wish trip to tropical Hawaii.

Kylie and her family stayed at the luxurious Sheraton Waikiki, experienced the local culture, and relaxed in the salty ocean air, which, fortunately, affects Kylie’s cystic fibrosis in a positive way.

“My favorite thing about my trip was swimming with the dolphins,” Kylie recalls. “They were really friendly and well trained; I was able to signal the dolphin to do a flip! Thank you, Kids Wish Network, for making my wish come true”

“As much fun as we had, it’s hard to forget how much cystic fibrosis stinks and impacts Kylie,” adds her mom Terri.

Kylie continues to battle her life-threatening condition with daily therapies, medication and proper diet.

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Name: Kylie
Age: 10
State: WA
Illness: Cystic Fibrosis
Wish: Visit Hawaii
Wish Category: Travel


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