Angela Visited Disneyland in California


Thank you to Kids Wish Network for making her wish come true!

Diagnosed at birth with Spina Bifida, Angela suffers from scoliosis, hydrocephalous and seizures as a result of her condition. The 9-year-old relies on a wheelchair or walker to get around and requires a catheter at all times, but doctors’ biggest concern is her hydrocephalous. This condition, where water accumulates on the brain, has forced physicians to insert a surgical shunt into her brain to help mildly relieve the accumulating pressure.

Despite her disability, Angela didn’t let that stop her from enjoying her wish at Disneyland. The trip started with a family road-trip to the parks. She and her family visited Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and Universal Studios where she met different characters and went on children’s rides.

“Angela enjoyed everything about her wish,” says her dad, Juan. “She, and the whole family, had so much fun. Thank you to Kids Wish Network for making her wish come true.”

You can leave Angela a message of support here as she continues to battle her life-long illness.

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Name: Angela
Age: 9
State: CA
Illness: Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Seizures and Scoliosis
Wish: Visit Disneyland
Wish Category: Travel


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