Kelvis and his Family Visited Stone Mountain


“You really made his wish come true.”

At the age of two Kelvis became exceedingly lethargic and began drinking lots of water and vomiting. Eventually this landed him in the emergency room and the ICU for 10 days where he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Since then, Kelvis has made multiple trips to the ER and is still struggling with maintaining healthy blood sugars as he grows. To help, Kelvis has a diabetic alert dog named Blue who is being trained to smell Kelvis’s blood sugar lows and highs. Regardless, keeping Kelvis well is a daily struggle with no end in sight.

The lively 4-year-old visited Stone Mountain where he and his family rode the train, went snow tubing, and visited the Georgia Aquarium.

“We had such an amazing time,” writes Kelvis’s mother. “You really made his wish come true. He had a blast and it will be a trip we will never forget. We can’t say thank you enough for your part in creating a special weekend for a special young kid. We are truly grateful and blessed.”

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stone mountain wish

Name: Kelvis
Age: 4
State: GA
Illness: Diabetes Type 1
Wish: Train Ride Through the Mountains
Wish Category: Travel


Wishes Granted

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