Gracelyn’s Mision: Meet ALL the Disney Princesses


“This whole trip was about Gracelyn, it was her mission to meet all the Princesses.”

Gracelyn is a happy and loving child who adores the Disney Princesses and can’t believe she finally got to meet them. The outgoing child suffers from cystic fibrosis, but doctors almost missed the diagnosis after birth.

When she was only 4 weeks old, Gracelyn fell extremely ill and was failing to thrive. She suffered from many symptoms of cystic fibrosis and doctors began to question her newborn screening test results for the disease. The test initially missed her markers because she has a rare genetic mutation of the disease. After the official diagnosis, Gracelyn began a long and hard road to stability. Having been hospitalized more than 20 times in her short 5 years, she had an IV port placed and requires a feeding tube to help provide essential nutrients. She most recently underwent another surgery to remove her adenoids.

The outgoing little girl saved up her energy for her wish trip and met (almost) all the Disney Princesses. The wish sent Gracelyn and her family to sunny Florida where they stayed at the beautiful Calypso Cay Resort, dined at fabulous restaurants and enjoyed the magic of Disney World.

Gracelyn had the most fun at the Magic Kingdom where the family completed their mission to meet (almost) every Disney Princess. Her favorite pair was Elsa and Anna of Disney’s “Frozen”.

“She was super happy, basically in heaven,” says mom Brandi. “Meeting all the Princesses was her dream. We’re very grateful that she got her wish.”

Gracelyn is currently stable and working very hard at remaining healthy. She takes daily medications and requires extensive breathing treatments but remains positive.

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Name: Gracelyn
Age: 4
State: MI
Illness: Cystic Fibrosis
Wish: Visit Disney World


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