Caden’s dynamite Disney dream

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“Caden cannot stop talking about Florida and his Disney trip; this has made his year”

Caden cannot stop talking about Florida and his Disney trip, which keeps him from thinking about his next upcoming heart surgery, thankfully.

Caden is an active and outgoing little boy who suffers from dangerous heart complications caused by his life-threatening illness. Diagnosed before birth with DiGeorge syndrome, Caden shows one of the most common signs of the genetic disease; severe heart problems.

He was born four weeks early, and had his first major heart surgery at barely a few months old. The nine-hour surgery replaced a faulty valve with a cadaver valve. The surgery was successful, but since cadaver and artificial valves cannot grow with Caden’s body, he faces another surgery later this year.

To give him something else to think about, Kids Wish Network sent Caden and his family on an amazing Disney dream wish. Caden loved swimming in the indoor and outdoor pools at his luxury accommodations and meeting Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story”.

“Because of Caden’s heart condition, he gets worn out a little faster than most kids, but he had a great time,” says dad Shane. “We can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough for all you’ve done for him. This had made his year.”

Caden is currently doing well, but goes for another MRI in May 2014. He will find out then when his next heart surgery will be scheduled.

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Here is a touching video that Caden’s mom made after he found out that we were going to help make his wish come true.

Name: Caden
Age: 6
State: OH
Illness: DiGeorge Syndrome (Deletion 22Q)
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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