Brinley’s Disney Princess dream comes true

Brinley disney wish

“Brinley can’t stop talking about her wish, she keeps telling everyone she meets.”

For 5-year-old Brinley, being an exception isn’t necessarily a good thing. The fun and loving child suffers from two very rare genetic disorders that attack her immune system and cause her to have recurrent episodes of high fevers, abdominal and muscle pain, spreading skin rashes, joint pain, and swelling around her eyes.

As the tender age of six months, Brinley first began showing signs of her illness. She was running fevers of up to 105 degrees that would last for weeks, or even months, at a time. At its severest, Brinley would have episodes of vomiting, aches and pains and burning rashes. After three years of doctors and hospitals, she was finally diagnosed with her rare conditions: tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome (TRAPS) and hyperimmunoglobulin-D syndrome (HIDS). To date, only 61 cases of TRAPS and only 200 cases of HIDS have been diagnosed worldwide.

Brinley bravely takes her medical care in stride and administers her own daily injections to help combat her frequent episodes. Too much excitement or stress can cause her to fall ill, with bouts typically lasting three weeks but ranging from a few days to a few months.

Despite her life-threatening illness, Brinley still manages to have a lot of fun, like she did on her wish trip to Disney World where she got to meet the Disney princesses. She loved riding the spinning teacups and Space Mountain, performing in a play with Princess Belle and meeting other Disney characters.

“I got to meet Princess Aurora,” Brinley proudly tells anyone who will listen.

Her mother Christy adds, “The entire wish was amazing, we can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough. It’s all Brinley’s been thinking and talking about.”

Brinley continues to battle her life-long illness and raise awareness for those suffering from rare disorders. You can follow her story on her Facebook page, Blessings for Brinley.

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Name: Brinley
Age: 5
State: AZ
Illness: TRAPS & HIDS Disease
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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