Sammy’s Magical Trip

Sammy Mitchell 2

Sammy had a blast

In early March of 2012, Samantha developed a common infection and was given an antibiotic. Twelve days later, she woke up with swollen lips that progressively got worse throughout the day. Doctors at urgent care treated Samantha for an allergic reaction to but her condition continued to get worse.

Samantha was later diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a life-threatening skin disorder that usually results from a drug reaction. Within 24 hours of Samantha’s first visit to the hospital, 95 percent of her body was covered in painful skin lesions and her fever spiked dangerously high.

She was treated with medication and began to get better within hours. Tests confirmed that Samantha’s condition stemmed from an allergic reaction to the common antibiotic used to treat her initial infection. She still has light spots all over her body, but the scars should clear up in the next few years.

Samantha, commonly called Sammy, is an adventurous little girl who loves to play dress up and act like a Disney Princess. She definitely got to do a lot of both on her magical wish trip to the Florida Theme Parks.

Sammy loved visiting the Magic Kingdom and SeaWorld and was treated like royalty everywhere she went! The 5-year-old had a blast!

Sammy would like to thank all the sponsors who made this wish trip possible:

  • Compassion Partners Program
  • Calypso Cay Resort
  • Thrifty Dollar Rent A Car
  • Garden Grove Café
  • Café Tu Tu Tango
  • Senor Frog’s Orlando
  • Diamond State VFW Post 2863

Wishes Granted

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