Myla Anne – Hero of the Month

Hero of the Month Myla

Children’s Hospital Colorado, October 2013

Myla Anne is a 7-year-old girl suffering from refractory epilepsy. The previously healthy child began having what parents described as “blanking out spells” in early April of 2013. She would become quiet and confused with body tremors and lip smacking. As the “spells” increased in duration and frequency over a 2-week period, Myla underwent a series of diagnostic tests revealing her condition.

Myla spent the month of May in the inpatient unit at Children’s Hospital Colorado undergoing a series of treatments to control her seizure activity. During her stay, Myla was treated with steroids, multiple seizure medications, and IVIG (a blood product administered intravenously).

In June, Myla underwent prolonged intubation and sedition as well. Myla’s seizures and medications have significantly impacted her cognitive and motor skills as well as contributing to behavioral changes making it difficult for Myla to participate in normal school activities. But even with continuous outpatient visits and adjustments to her medication, Myla maintains a positive attitude with the support of her family.

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Name: Myla Anne
Age: 7
Facility: Children’s Hospital Colorado


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