Miranda’s Disney Dream Finally Comes True


“I will never forget this experience”

Miranda was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition, called Goltz syndrome, when she was only 18 months old; in 1998, there were only 161 diagnosed cases of the disorder. The genetic condition is characterized by distinctive skin abnormalities and a wide variety of defects that affect the eyes, teeth and almost every system in the body.

Then, when Miranda was 14, she started experiencing frequent high fevers. At the hospital, she had an EKG and doctors noticed some bacteria on her heart. Miranda spent a week in the hospital being treated with antibiotics and remained on them for another few months. She was eventually diagnosed with subacute bacterial endocarditis, an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart. Miranda had open-heart surgery in June 2013 for an aorta valve replacement.

Thankfully, Miranda was able to recover in time for her wish trip to the Florida theme parks; she was especially excited to visit Cinderella’s castle and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Miranda and her family were treated to luxury accommodations, dined at fantastic local restaurants, and experienced all the magic of the parks.

“I have wanted to go to Florida and Disney World for years,” Miranda said. “Thank you Kids Wish Network for making my wish come true. I will never forget this experience.”

Miranda is currently doing well and looking forward to the future.

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Name: Miranda
Age: 15
State: OR
Illness: Goltz Syndrome
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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