John – Hero of the Month

john hero of the month

White Memorial Medical Center, October 2013

John is described as a respectful, mature 11-year-old who enjoys hanging out with friends. He was admitted to White Memorial Medical Center to find the cause of his abdominal pain. Through multiple blood draws, MRI’s, and X-ray’s, John openly shared his feelings and thoughts on the procedures. He utilized many different coping tools to help him adjust to his environment and quickly found a distraction technique that helped him through his treatment.

John maintained a delightful and pleasant spirit during his stay and the staff was honored to call him a HERO of the Month.

During his HERO party, he invited friends and neighbors where they played Wii, colored and happily participated in a hula-hoop contest. The hour-long party gave John’s friends a chance to understand what he had to endure during his hospital stay. John was super excited to receive his HERO gifts.

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Name: John
Age: 11
Facility: White Memorial Medical Center


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