Cerraleus visited Disney World!


“He loved his Kids Wish Network HERO shirt so much, he literally wore it every day of the trip!”

Even though Cerraleus loves board games, like Chutes and Ladders and Memory, enjoys meatloaf and suffers from a rare life-threatening condition that most affects older men, he is only 6 years old. The Ohio child was diagnosed with Central Nervous System (CNS) Vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessel walls in the brain and spine, this past spring.

Cerraleus first landed in the hospital when he suffered a severe seizure. Doctors conducted a brain biopsy, and diagnosed him with incurable disease that causes blood vessels to swell and can eventually cut off circulation to a portion of the body. Cerraleus has fallen victim to certain symptoms of the disease including changes in behavior and difficulty coordinating body movements and speech. The energetic child recently lost his ability to read and has experienced memory loss.

With all that Cerraleus has been through, it was great to see him enjoy his wish trip to Disney World. He loved visiting the parks like the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios and had a wonderful stay at the Holiday Inn Resort where he danced with Santa.

“He loved his Kids Wish Network HERO shirt so much, he literally wore it every day of the trip,” recalls mom Jessica.

Currently, Cerraleus is in speech therapy and on anti-seizure, migraine and steroid medications. He also is in the middle of a 16-month chemotherapy treatment plan to help curb his symptoms. Cerraleus will remain on maintenance drugs for the rest of his life.

“Cerraleus wakes up most days with a smile on his face; it’s what gives me the strength to have faith that he will beat all the odds against his disease. Thank you to all who helped make his wish come true,” Jessica said.

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Name: Cerraleus
Age: 6
State: OH
Illness: CNS Vasculitis
Wish: Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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