Cancer-survivor Maddie meets Minnie Mouse

madelyn meets minnie mouse on wish

“Maddie was so excited the entire wish; she couldn’t believe she was meeting Minnie Mouse.”

Madelyn, or Maddie as she prefers, is a bubbly and energetic 3-year-old who is full of personality. This adorable young lady loves hanging out with her older sister and playing dress up. But she has been through a terrible ordeal.

Diagnosed with Rhabdoid Sarcoma at just 10 months old, doctors discovered the malignant tumor and operated immediately. Rhabdoid Sarcoma tumors are one of the most lethal and destructive forms of cancer in pediatric oncology. Often times the tumors are located in the brain or kidneys and require aggressive treatments. After the tumor was removed, Maddie began rounds of traumatic radiation and chemotherapy treatments to prevent the disease from spreading.

Maddie finished her radiation rounds in November of 2011, a scary 8 months after her first diagnosis, but she was continually scanned every three months for any other signs of the deadly cancer.

So the break that came when KWN granted Maddie’s wish to visit Disneyland was much deserved. The family enjoyed their stay at the Embassy Suites, dined at fabulous restaurants, and watched as Maddie squealed with joy when she met Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

“It was a dream come true for her,” says Maddie’s mom Bryn. “She got to meet so many characters and had such a great time.”

“I got my wish!” Maddie excitedly adds.

“She is talking nonstop about it,” Bryn replies with a laugh. “Everything was very memorable.”

As of October 2013, Maddie is cancer-free. She still undergoes yearly screenings to check-up on her condition.

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Name: Madelyn
Age: 3
State: OR
Illness: Rabdoid Sarcoma
Wish: Visit Disneyland
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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