Cameron visited Disney World!

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“I couldn’t believe they made Cameron an entire Dora the Explorer surprise!”

For Georgia-girl Cameron, finding a break from her rare life-threatening illness is hard to do. This sassy 5-year-old suffers from Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM), an inflammatory disease of the muscle, skin and blood vessels. The mystery disease is caused by unknown forces but patients can develop weakness in the large muscles around the neck, shoulders and hips causing shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, depression, difficulty swallowing and skins rashes that range from mild to severe ulcers; only 2-3 children per million are affected.

Cameron’s journey to diagnosis was a long road, and she faces hard times to come as JDM has no cure. At the tender age of 4, Cameron started experiencing muscle weakness and pain in her legs so severe she was unable to walk. After multiple EKG’s and a muscle biopsy, she was finally diagnosed with JDM. She continuously suffers from extreme muscle weakness and endures weekly rounds of IV medication, chemotherapy treatments and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg is a blood product) treatments.

Thankfully, Cameron was able to put aside thoughts of her illness for some fun in the sun on her wish trip to Disney World. The wish started out extra special as her wish coordinator awaited Cameron’s arrival at her hotel for a big surprise. The excited girl was amazed as she discovered her hotel suite at the Floridays Resort Orlando had created a personalized Dora the Explorer room for her wish.

“I couldn’t believe they made Cameron an entire Dora the Explorer surprise,” recalls Cameron’s mom.

After that, the wish continued on its amazing course. The family traveled to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios where Cameron met all her favorite characters.

Cameron loved her wish and uses the memories to stay hopeful during her painful treatments.

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Name: Cameron
Age: 5
State: GA
Illness: Juvenile Dermatomyositisype
Wish: Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


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