Elijah “Burns it Down” with country superstar Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean Wish

“This couldn’t have been a more perfect wish for Elijah!”

Meeting Elijah, you could never guess from his cheerful attitude that he suffers from a life-threatening illness. Elijah was born with spina bifida, a developmental congenital disorder cause when the bones of the spine don’t form properly around the baby’s spinal cord. When he was only 24 hours old, Elijah had his first surgery. His second surgery came shortly after as he was rushed into emergency surgery to place a shunt in his brain. Installed 13 years ago, his shunt is still intact but Elijah has undergone another five surgeries.

Despite his condition and being wheelchair bound, Elijah is an extremely upbeat and positive young man who has a personality that is larger than life. Elijah loved being the center of attention during his wish trip as we delivered one exciting adventure after the other.

First up was Elijah’s limo ride in Atlanta’s only handicap accessible limo. His shocked and excited face said it all.

“This must be how he does it,” Elijah remarked when he entered the limo. “This must be how Jason Aldean does it, how he gets around, in cars like my limo.”

After reaching the concert venue, Elijah met in country idol during a backstage tour.

“I really love Jason Aldean and his music,” recalls Elijah. “Getting to meet him was incredible. Thank you Kids Wish Network, I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Elijah and his family continued his adventure in Atlanta, seeing all the amazing sights and doing adventurous activities.

Elijah’s mom Brandy adds, “I couldn’t have planned a more perfect wish for Elijah. He felt like such a celebrity because everywhere we went, everyone knew his name. Thank you all so much; Elijah has a memory that will last forever.”

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Name: Elijah
Age: 13
State: GA
Illness: Spina Bifida
Wish: Meet Jason Aldean
Wish Category: Celebrity


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