Zoe had a Bedroom Makeover!

zoe bedroom makeover wish

“Zoe loved it and you could tell she was just so excited”

Zoe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after suffering from countless headaches and unexplained weight loss. Zoe’s struggle with this chronic condition is the result of her pancreas not producing insulin, the hormone needed to allow sugar to produce energy. Type 1 Diabetes can affect major organs in the body, including heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Zoe requires daily insulin injections and constantly monitoring her blood sugar levels. Although this has been a major transition Zoe’s life, she remains hopeful and upbeat.

When Zoe learned that she was going to receive a wish she immediately knew what she most wanted and she even had a particular theme in mind. “A bedroom makeover …anything pink, with butterflies or peace signs!”

With the help of Lacey Carroll Interiors the entire room was remodeled in one weekend. The construction crews worked tirelessly through the weekend painting, wiring new lighting and installing crown molding and new hardwood floors. The new furniture was delivered Monday and the big reveal happened only hours later as the girls arrived home from school.

The lead designer Lacey said, “…the whole experience was just so much fun. Zoe loved it and you could tell she was just so excited. I think the best part of this room make over was that Zoe and her sister who previously shared everything now each had their own space in the room.”

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Name: Zoe
Age: 8
State: AL
Illness: Type 1 Diabetes
Wish: Bedroom Makeover
Wish Category: Commodity


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