Marin Visited New York City and Broadway!

Marin in NYC

“Marin had an amazing time – as did our whole family! WOW!”

When Marin suddenly became ill and started behaving out of character, her parents immediately took her to the hospital where, after a battery of tests she was diagnosed with Arteriovenus Malformation Hemorrhage. Arteriovenus Malformation Hemorrhage (AVM) is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins; typically present at birth it can develop anywhere in the body, but most often occurs in the brain or spine. Marin was rushed to surgery where she underwent a craniotomy to remove the hemorrhage and remained hospitalized for 10 days. Since her diagnosis Marin is unable to participate in many of her favorite activities and is requires homeschooling.

When Kids Wish Network approved Marin for her wish she asked to visit NYC and Broadway. To bring Marin’s dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged an all-expenses paid trip, including dinners, accommodations, tickets to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 9/11 Tribute Center and, of course, Broadway tickets to Newsies.

“Marin had an amazing time – as did our whole family! WOW! She, as well as the entire family, sure felt special…Thank you Kids Wish Network for blessing her with this awesome gift!”

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Name: Marin
Age: 14
State: MN
Illness: Arteriovenus Malformation Hemorrhage
Wish: Visit New York City
Wish Category: Travel


Wishes Granted

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