My Visit to Disney World was Amazing


“There are just no words to describe how wonderful everything was.”

At the age of 6, Justice became extremely ill. He was vomiting uncontrollably, could not quench his thirst and could not speak or walk. In the emergency room doctors diagnosed him as being in a state of ketoacidosis. This occurs when the body is producing large quantities of ketone bodies via the metabolism of fatty acids and the body is producing insufficient insulin to slow this production. Justice was in a state of ketoacidosis because, unbeknownst to his family, he had type 1 diabetes, a lack of insulin leading to increased blood and urine glucose. Today, Justice is insulin dependent and must rely on shots and an insulin pump to survive.

When Justice was given the opportunity to have a wish granted through Kids Wish Network he was ecstatic and asked to go to Harry Potter Land. To bring his dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged an all-expenses paid trip along with tickets to Disney Hollywood Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Magic Kingdom.

“Everything was just amazing! Justice was able to go on a rollercoaster for the first time and this trip was much needed considering what he has been through lately,” said Justice’s mother, Alexis. “There are just no words to describe how wonderful everything was. We can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough.”

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Name: Justice
Age: 10
State: NV
Illness: Type 1 Diabetes
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Category: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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