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“Joey has memories he’ll never forget.”

Joseph, or Joey as he prefers to be called, is your average teenager who loves basketball and video games. But there is one major difference between Joey and a normal teen; Joey suffers from the life-threatening condition of cerebral palsy.

Unlike some children with a life-threatening illness, Joey was born 100% healthy. It wasn’t until months after birth when he started losing weight rapidly that doctors noticed something could be wrong. After a month of tests, Joey was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination.

Joey’s condition has greatly affected his kidney function. One has already been removed, and his other kidney has several dangerous complications. The teen is paralyzed on his right side and continually attends speech and physical therapy.

But Joey didn’t let any of these worries affect him during his amazing wish trip on a Bahamian cruise. He participated in amazing excursions and loved the all-inclusive cruise ship.

“Joey had a great time,” says mom Dawn. “Thanks Kids Wish Network for making him so happy and giving him memories he’ll never forget.”

Joey is currently doing well but continues to battle against his illness.

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Name: Joseph
Age: 15
State: NY
Illness: Cerebral Palsy
Wish: Go on a Carnival Cruise
Wish Category: Travel


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