My Wish was Granted, I Visited Universal Studios!


Will had a great time!

In 2012, while playing football, Will was tackled and immediately began experiencing neck pain. X-rays showed an 8cm mass, the size of a baked potato, on the right side of his chest. Will was diagnosed with Ganglioblastoma, which is typically a benign slow growing tumor. However, in Will’s case the tumor was growing more rapidly which caused it to become malignant. He underwent surgery to remove the mass and has subsequently suffered from diabetes, nerve damage, hypertension and blood clots.

When Will was given the opportunity to have a wish granted through Kids Wish Network he wished to visit Universal Studios in Florida. To bring his dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged an all-expenses paid trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Will and his family also received VIP tickets to the Blue Man Group and the Bluephoria VIP Lounge.

“Will had a great time,” said Will’s mother, Amy Mishler. “The Blue Man Group show was amazing; they gave him a gift bag and the art they made during the show. Aside from the gifts they spent time with meet him and that was awesome.”

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Name: Will
Age: 14
State: IN
Illness: Ganglionueroblastoma/horner Syndrome
Wish: Visit Universal Studios
Wish Category: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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