Courtney Went on a Caribbean Cruise Wish!

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“…she’s so compassionate. She is constantly looking around at others situations and encouraging them.”

Courtney, a beautiful 16-year-old from North Carolina, is in most ways a typical teenage girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, enjoys theater and folk art, but over the past two years, her young life has been drastically altered. After falling ill during a family vacation, Courtney was diagnosed with Sever Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammation of the colon.

Her diagnosis came after weeks of inconclusive tests as her health steadily declined. While this illness can usually be treated with antibiotics, in Courtney’s rare case, her body didn’t respond to medications and doctors decided to take drastic measures. Surgeons performed a radical procedure and removed Courtney’s colon, appendix and a significant portion of her large intestine.

The recovery process for Courtney has been slow and uncomfortable. While most teens are attending high school dances or worrying about grades, Courtney spends an excess amount of her time in hospitals as her immune system tries to rebound. It’s inspiring to see her remain positive throughout her struggles.

“It’s been amazing to watch Courtney’s interactions with the people around her,” says mom Yvette. “Even though she’s been through a lot, she’s so compassionate. She is constantly looking around at others’ situations and encouraging them.”

To help keep the positive spirit alive, Kids Wish Network sent Courtney and her family on a Caribbean Cruise. The family set sail on the all-expense paid wish and enjoyed some fun in the sun aboard the Carnival Fantasy. The crew sent Courtney nightly cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries, gave her exclusive tours and spa trips and planned amazing excursions.

Now back in the States, Courtney is attending high school where she has found a new passion in painting. You can leave her a message of hope as she continues to battle this life-long illness and we’ll keep you updated about her condition on this page.

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Name: Courtney
Age: 16
State: NC
Illness: Sever Ulcerative Colitis
Wish: Cruise
Wish Category: Travel


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