Vanessa Received Special Treatment During Her Disney World Wish!

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“Vanessa loved it so much that she wanted to stay there forever, she felt like she was living in a dream.”

Vanessa, born premature, at just 30 weeks, suffers from a seizure disorder and as a result is developmentally delayed. She started having seizures when she was only a few months and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder at the age of 2. At 17, due to her seizures, Vanessa has the mental capacity of a 10 year old and needs help performing her daily tasks. However, she is still able to attend a half day of regular classes and half day of special education classes.

When Vanessa was given the opportunity to have a wish granted through Kids Wish Network she asked to visit the many theme parks of Orlando, Florida. To bring Vanessa’s dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged an all-expenses paid trip, including accommodations at the Double Tree Guest Suites, dinner every evening and, of course, tickets to whichever theme parks she wanted to visit. While in Orlando, Vanessa and her family were able to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcott and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Vanessa’s favorite experiences at the theme parks were seeing Mickey Mouse and all of Disney’s princesses. The entire family enjoyed the special treatment they received everywhere they went.

“This experience was a blessing from God!” said Vanessa’s mother, Nicolasa. “Vanessa loved it so much that she wanted to stay there forever, she felt like she was living in a dream. The entire family is so grateful to Kids Wish Network, God Bless.”

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Name: Vanessa
Age: 17
State: CA
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


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