Welcoming Lindsay to Florida: A Diablog

Here’s a first for the Kids Wish Network blog: a diablog!

Instead of a normal blog, we’ve got a dialog between one of our Wish Coordinators, Rhonda, and our Wish Funding Specialist, Kim. They’re going to tell you about a very memorable experience for everyone involved. See, we’re now sending representatives to meet some of the wish families who are enjoying trips to visit the theme parks in Orlando, which isn’t far from our headquarters. It’s our first time and Rhonda and Kim had a blast, as did the adorable Wish Kid, Lindsay.

Rhonda & Kim waiting for Lindsay

Anything Rhonda said is in BLUE, and anything Kim said is in PURPLE.
Here we go!

Lindsay’s wish was to go to LEGOLAND, which is right here in Winter Haven, Florida, right here in Kids Wish Network’s backyard basically. So we decided that it would be a great idea with me being her Wish Coordinator and Kim being her Wish Funding Specialist to go to the airport and greet her and her family for her wish.

It was an absolutely amazing experience.

We had our Kids Wish Network banner and balloons, and –

And flowers.

Yeah, and a gift bag full of beach goodies for her. When Lindsay spotted us as she got off the tram, she takes her bag, puts it off to the side, looks at her mom, who tells her she can come over, and Lindsay ran over to us with a smile on her face.

She was not shy at all. She gave Rhonda a big hug and she gave me a big hug. She held my hand going down the escalator and going to the rental car place. She was taking petals off of her flowers and giving them to everyone.

I said ‘we’re so happy to see you’ and gave her the gift bag and she reached right in and pulled everything out and was giving the gifts out to her family.

She was very excited! She was the cutest little girl.

We walked them down to baggage claim and then to Dollar Rent a Car, where they let them pick out which vehicle they wanted. 

They had a choice of a convertible and 2 SUVs and they picked a really nice SUV. We filmed them saying thank you to Kids Wish Network in front of their car and then we waved goodbye as they drove off. 

They were wonderful people and so grateful. Lindsay’s mom came back around to give us hugs again and thank us for what we did for her daughter.

They’re just wonderful people. It was a really memorable experience!

It was definitely something we’ll never forget!

Rhonda, Lindsay, & Kim at Tampa International Airport



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