Haley Met Buzz Lightyear at Disney World

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“We had such a wonderful experience!”

Haley has Down syndrome and, at the age of 2, she was also diagnosed with lung disease. The cartilage supports in her trachea have softened to the point that she needs to have her food finely ground up in order to eat it, although she gets over half of her nutrition needs through a feeding tube. Haley aspirates frequently and this aggravates her condition. She has suffered through 12 hospitalizations and 15 bouts of pneumonia since her diagnosis. Unfortunately, congenital heart disease has also caused 3 holes to form in Haley’s heart. Despite surgeries to repair the holes, a valve in her heart is still leaking and it will need to be surgically repaired in the future.

When Haley was given the opportunity to have a wish granted through Kids Wish Network she asked to visit the many theme parks of Orlando, Florida. To bring Haley’s dream to life, Kids Wish Network arranged an all-expenses paid trip, including dinners every evening, accommodations, and, of course, tickets to whichever theme parks she wanted to visit. While in Orlando, the family went to Universal Studios, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. Haley’s favorite part of the Disney experience was meeting Buzz Lightyear. The entire family enjoyed the treatment they received everywhere they went.

“I’ve never seen Haley smile the way that she did when she met Buzz Lightyear, she was so happy and excited that she had to show him all of her toys!” said Haley’s mother, Melissa Steinforth. “We had such a wonderful experience; we are very grateful and thankful to Kids Wish Network.”

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Name: Haley
Age: 11
State: OH
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


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