My Shopping Spree Wish was Awesome!

Name: Jonas
Age: 15
State: WV

Jonas was born with a heart valve disease called aortic stenosis that narrowed his aortic valve, affecting his body’s blood flow. At 2 months old, Jonas underwent his first open heart surgery to repair the valve, and he was in the hospital for a month. When he was 8 years old, Jonas endured his second open heart surgery, this time to completely replace the valve with an artificial one. During this surgery, Jonas experienced some oxygen loss and suffers from memory problems. Now, at the age of 15, Jonas has outgrown the replacement and needs another open heart surgery for a new heart valve. To help manage his day-to-day condition, Jonas follows a strict medication regimen and endures weekly blood draws.

For his wish, Jonas asked for a shopping spree to his local Tanger Outlet Center to buy Michael Jordan, Nike, and Adidas brand clothing. With over $1000 in gift cards to the Nike and Adidas outlet stores, Jonas got everything he wanted. He was even surprised with a free pair of Jordan sneakers at Nike and a gift bag and official Adidas team shirt from Adidas.

“It was a good day,” said Jonas’s mom. “He had a smile on his face the entire time!”

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