Jazlyn Met Her Favorite Characters at Disney World!

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“I loved the Tinkerbell ride, it was so much fun!”

At the age of 3, Jazlyn was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a nervous system disorder which is a subtype of muscular dystrophy. This disease causes a progressive loss of muscle tissue and a painful sensation to touch. At the age of 3, Jazlyn underwent corrective surgery on her right foot due to nerve damage caused by her disease. She has also undergone eye surgery to remove cataracts. In the past year, her condition has progressed causing the muscle tissue in her legs to deteriorate and she is now too weak to walk; she is completely reliant on a wheelchair for mobility. Jazlyn is also scheduled to have another painful foot surgery on her left foot.

As a child, Jazlyn constantly asked her mom when they were going to Disney World. When she found out that her wish to visit Disney World was being granted, She replied “Really?! Do I get to meet Belle and go to the big castle?” Her mother, Abelina, said Jazlyn was extremely excited. When Jazlyn was asked what her favorite part of the trip was, she excitedly said “I loved the Tinkerbell ride, it was so much fun! I will also never forget the turkey leg that I ate at Animal Kingdom!”

For her wish, Kids Wish Network arranged an all expenses paid trip to Disney World for Jazlyn and her family including tickets for Disney World, as well as accommodations at the Calypso Cay Resort and dinner every evening. Jazlyn had a blast on the rides at the park and really enjoyed meeting all of the Disney princesses.

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Name: Jazlyn
Age: 10
State: IL
Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


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