I Loved my Disney Wish!

Name: Ines
Age: 5
State: PA

Ines was born in a set of triplets and, at nine months old, her parents noticed that she was not hitting the same milestones as her brother and sister were. She was sent to a neurologist who immediately recognized that Ines suffered from a group of disorders that affect muscle movement and coordination called cerebral palsy. Ines is wheelchair bound and wears a brace on her hips. She also receives botox treatments in her hands and legs to destroy certain muscles so that others will grow stronger. Ines suffers additionally from reactive airway disorder and has to be fed.

For her wish, Ines visited Disney World with her family, where she truly enjoyed time being just a regular kid. Her eyes sparkled as she met her favorite Disney Princesses in person and she curtsied to them from her stroller. Ines was treated like a princess everywhere she went and she enjoyed every second of it.

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Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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