Disney Dreams – Our Most Popular Wishes

Out of all the wishes that we grant each year, do you know which is the most requested?

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, our most popular wish is a trip to either Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida! While writing the press releases for each of these wonderful wishes, I learn all about the amazing experiences that our wish kids get to have during their trips to “the most magical place on earth.” With every family that I interview, I hear brand new stories about places with which I’m familiar and it makes me smile every time.

We recently had quite a few wish families come back from Disney World here in Florida and each wish kid liked something different about their trip. I thought that was neat, so I’d like to the stories with you:

Let’s start off with wish kid Kaydence, who loved her Disney wish so much that she’s already making plans to return! During her wish trip, Kaydence’s favorite experience was a tie between meeting the Disney princesses in person and being picked to dance onstage during “The Festival of the Lion King” show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Kaydence and Snow White

Next, there’s little Logan, who wanted only to meet his supercharged hero, Lightning McQueen! Betcha can’t guess what his favorite experience was! Just look at his smile:
Logan and Lightning

And how about wish kid Mikayla! Her favorite experiences during her Disney World wish were watching the many different shows, meeting her favorite Disney characters, and riding Splash Mountain a whopping 4 times!

Mikayla and Minnie

And, finally, there’s wish kid Dakota, who could not get enough of the tea cup ride and meeting Mickey Mouse in person. Although he was shy when he first got to Mickey, he warmed up and actually said “bye bye” to the famous mouse when it was time for him to leave. And, since Dakota hasn’t talked much since he was 3 years old, this was a little bit of a momentous occasion that made the trip even more special for Dakota’s amazed family. They even wrote a blog about it!

Dakota meeting Stitch
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