My Wish was Wonderful!

Name: Gloria
Age: 8
State: MN

Gloria is a sweet 8-year-old who loves watching cartoons and playing with her pets. She plays tennis and her favorite video games are the “Just Dance” series for the Wii. She loves making art and she even collects rocks.

For several months in 2011, Gloria was very sick with the flu. She had no energy and was experiencing shortness of breath. She was treated for pneumonia and was then diagnosed with asthma and leukemia. Gloria was immediately started on chemotherapy treatment and she receives a blood transfusion every six weeks to help strengthen her weakened immune system. Though the treatment is helping her leukemia, it is sapping her energy and causing Gloria pain and other issues.

For her wish, Gloria wants to visit Disney World in Florida with her family! Get ready to experience the magic of Kids Wish Network, Gloria, because your wish is about to come true!

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Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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