Madison’s Wish to Visit the Beaches of California was Awesome!


Diagnosed with a disorder at 1 ½ years old…

At 1 ½ years, Madison was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. This syndrome has a variety of complications including a dilated aorta, restricted lung capacity, scoliosis, and a detached retina. At just nine years of age, Madison has had to undergo 6 eye surgeries. She is currently on the waiting list to have her aorta replaced and is scheduled to have spine surgery for her extreme scoliosis.

I’ve never seen the ocean…

Madison absolutely loves Colorado; the snow, mountains, brisk air…however, she has never been to the ocean. Madison knows that from the moment she arrives on the famous California beaches to the time she has to go home, she wouldn’t have a single regret. Hours before she is set to head out on her journey, Madison is filled with excitement and anticipation. She wonders what the ocean will smell like, what the taste of salt air is like and how the sand will feel in between her toes. She can’t believe that her mom found Kids Wish Network and that they arranged an all-expense paid trip for her and her family to go to on this astounding vacation. The entire family enjoyed the special treatment they received everywhere they went, even their hotel room was adorned with welcome signs, gifts, and feasts fit for a queen.

“Maddie’s smile was a mile wide the entire time; we didn’t have to worry about doctor’s appointments or surgery. It was just awesome and it was definitely something that Madison needed.” said Tara McGuire, Madison’s mom.

Remarkable Beginnings…

Madison’s first time to the ocean was an eye opener. She had no idea that Mother Nature was so powerful yet tranquil at the same time. She realized that life was similar; tough at times yet serene most others.

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Name: Madison
Age: 9
State: CO
Illness: Marfan syndrome
Wish: Visit California Beaches
Wish Type: Travel


Wishes Granted

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