I Went to Disney World with my Family!

Name: Hunter
Age: 6
State: WI

Hunter is a playful 6-year-old who loves Disney movies and Green Bay Packers football. He also enjoys soccer and playing video games. Hunter’s favorite activities are anything outdoorsy, including fishing and camping, and reading.

Not long after Hunter was born, his mother noticed what looked like bruises all over his body. She took him to the doctor, who said they were birthmarks. After larger bruises showed up, Hunter was sent to a specialist and diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1, a condition that causes tumors to grow in the nervous system. An MRI revealed nodules on his optic nerve and his condition was closely monitored by doctors. At the age of two, Hunter began experiencing constant headaches and hallucinations, so he was taken back to the doctor. Another MRI showed tumors on his pituitary gland and spots in his brain. Because of his young age, Hunter is unable to undergo chemotherapy to shrink the tumors, so he has bloodwork done every month and an MRI every year in order to monitor his condition. Hunter also has scoliosis – a curvature of the spine – and sees a physical therapist.

For his wish, Hunter visited Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. His  favorite experiences were all of the thrilling rides. In fact, his wish marked his very first ride on a rollercoaster and from there on out, he could not get enough! Hunter especially enjoyed the The Barnstormer at the Magic Kingdom and Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Another special memory for Hunter was his dinner at Olive Garden, where he was treated like a prince. The staff greeted him with Green Bay Packers gear to celebrate his favorite football team along with gifts for his siblings and dinner in a private, VIP room.

Since his return home, Hunter has worn his favorite souvenir shirt to school and can’t wait to make a huge photo album of all of the hundreds of pictures his family took during his wish trip.

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Wish: Visit Disney World
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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