My Wish was a Blast!

Name: Angeline
Age: 18
State: AZ

Earlier this year, Angeline started having problems with her knee, which was swollen and very painful. A trip to the doctor revealed that she had a tumor in her femur and she was diagnosed with bone cancer, or osteosarcoma. Angeline was started on intense chemotherapy and underwent a surgery which removed the tumor in her femur. Surgeons also replaced her knee and inserted a rod in her leg. Angeline has also suffered through a blood transfusion and she must continue chemotherapy until next April.

For her wish, Angeline selflessly asked for a party to be thrown at Cardon Children’s Medical Center to bring joy to the other children with whom she made friends during treatment. An avid cat lover and fan of the Animal Planet show “Must Love Cats,” Angeline knew that the show’s funny, talented host John Fulton would provide the perfect musical entertainment for her wish party and asked if he would attend and entertain the children in residence.

“I wanted to share my wish with the other cancer kids,” said Angeline. “They deserved a day where they didn’t feel sick and they’d be given a spark of happiness. And with John [Fulton], he’s such a fun guy that I knew everyone would love his performance.”

Kids Wish Network worked with hospital staff and Angeline to surprise the kids with a Holiday of Hope Gift Bank of $20,000 worth of toys and gifts for the children to take home and back to their hospital rooms.

“I was amazed with the toys and I was so happy to give them out because I know what it’s like to sit in a hospital room day after day with nothing to do. These toys were a wonderful way to help me share my wish with them,” said Angeline.

After the toys were distributed, Animal Planet’s Fulton performed several of his funny songs from “Must Love Cats” to delighted applause. When the party was over, Angeline introduced Fulton to her cat, Ringo, and John even helped create a special keepsake featuring Ringo’s paw prints and his handprints that Angeline will treasure forever. According to Angeline, it was a wonderful wish in every way.

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Wish: Meet John Fulton
Wish Type: Celebrity


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