I Met Mindless Behavior!

Name: Chloe
Age: 13
State: MD

At birth, Chloe was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, a condition that causes irregularly shaped blood cells and creates extreme episodes of pain. As an infant, she suffered a silent stroke and also suffers from a condition called avascular necrosis, in which her bones are dying due to poor blood circulation. Chloe recently underwent a hip replacement and must use a walker or crutches for mobility. She receives therapy three days a week for her hip.

For her wish, Chloe wanted to meet her all-time favorite singing group, Mindless Behavior. Before hanging out with her favorite boy band, Chloe was given a “red carpet ready” makeover by makeup artist to the stars, Molly Stern. When she arrived at Universal City Walk in Hollywood for the premiere of the Mindless Behavior movie, All Around the World, Chloe enjoyed taking pictures of her favorite TV, music, and movie stars on the red carpet, including the Disney Channel’s Skai Jackson, The X Factor’s Diamond White, Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, and actress Holly Robinson Peete. During the premiere itself, Chloe was literally bouncing in her seat as Mindless Behavior’s Ray Ray, Prodigy, Princeton, and Roc Royal stopped to take pictures nearby.

After the premiere, Chloe was given VIP seating at the Mindless Behavior concert, where her personal favorite, Ray Ray, reached down and grabbed her hand. Backstage, the group sat with her and took many pictures and Chloe will never forget the hug she got from Princeton. According to her mom, Chloe was awestruck for days afterwards. Now that she’s home, Chloe spends her time telling all her friends about her incredible wish and making a scrapbook of all her unforgettable memories.

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Wish: Meet Mindless Behavior
Wish Type: Celebrity


Wishes Granted

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