I Loved my Shopping Spree at Toys “R” Us!

Name: Amia
Age: 8
State: MD

When she was born, Amia was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, a condition that causes irregularly shaped blood cells and creates extreme episodes of pain. She suffers from a lot of hip, arm and back pain because of this condition and she must follow a strict regimen of pain medications to help her manage the pain each and every day. Amia also suffers from gall stone complications and will soon endure a surgery to remove them.

For her wish, Amia enjoyed a Toys “R” Us shopping spree all to herself! She was greeted at the store by Geoffrey the giraffe and even had a personalized shopping cart and a private register lane to make her experience even more special.

When the store associate asked her if she had any questions before starting her shopping spree, Amia jokingly asked, “Now where are your toys!?!” Everyone loved the spunky 8-year-old and she had a blast being treated like a princess while picking out practically everything she had ever wanted.

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Wish: Shopping Spree
Wish Type: Commodity


Wishes Granted

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