I Loved my Florida Wish!

Name: Noah
Age: 8
State: NC

A few years ago, Noah was jumping rope when he fell and hit his head. He started vomiting and his parents took him to the doctor for a CT scan, which revealed a tumor on the frontal lobe of his brain. Noah was taken into surgery where surgeons discovered a second tumor; these tumors had blocked 90% of the carotid artery in his brain and both were removed during the surgery. A follow-up MRI a year later revealed several new, smaller tumors, as well as cataracts, and Noah was tested and found positive for neurofibromatosis – a condition that causes numerous tumors to grow in the nervous system. Several other tumors were found near Noah’s spinal cord and his brain but, because of their locations, surgery is too risky. Noah must go in for an MRI every three months to check on his tumors.

For his wish, Noah got to visit the theme parks in Orlando, Florida! Noah and his family were able to enjoy every theme park they wanted to, including the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Universal Studios, and Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure. They were also treated to dinners every evening, including a night at the highly entertaining Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Theater. For four days, the family spent lots of quality time having fun together, free from the pressures of medical tests and check-ups. For Noah and his family, his wish was a real dream-come-true.

“It was so wonderful for our family to get to make such special memories with Noah,” said Noah’s mom. “We cannot express enough how very appreciative we are for all that Kids Wish Network has done to make Noah’s wish come true. It was absolutely delightful to witness such happiness in our amazing little boy. Thank you.”

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