Halloween at Kids Wish Network

Halloween is always a blast at Kids Wish Network. Though we all take our jobs very seriously, it is fun to get a little silly every now and then; Halloween is the perfect time for some silliness!

This year, we all dressed up and got into the spirit with a funky potluck lunch. Check out some of the pictures we took below:

Mark slings Angry Bird, David!
Safari Jill catches Black Cat, Rhonda, climbing the walls of the Wish Department!
Professor Kristen starts experimenting and goes MAD in the process!
Mike meets his new twin, Michael, in the warehouse.
Zombies Amanda and Kelly finish off the last of Amanda’s prom date.
Mermaid Ariel (Alicia) finally gets her legs!
Anna “vamps” it up with Sulley in the office.
Penny gets into the Halloween spirit!
Tom shows off his “redneck” skills in the warehouse.
Chris channels Betty Boop in Distribution!
Audrea the Fairy casts a spell on her computer.
The winners of the KWN Costume Contest from L to R: Kelly won “Scariest Costume,” Amanda won “Best Overall Costume,” Kristen won “Most Clever Costume,” and Michael won for “Funniest Costume”
Happy Halloween from Kids Wish Network!



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