I Saw Mickey Mouse’s House!

Name: Valentino
Age: 6
State: WI

Valentino is a brave, outgoing six-year-old who loves watching Disney movies and TV shows. His favorite color is orange and he’s a big fan of basketball. Valentino also enjoys playing games on his Nintendo Wii and collecting interesting rocks.

When Valentino was eight months old, his parents saw a strange reflection in his eye and took him to an ophthalmologist, who immediately knew it signified a tumor. The condition is called bilateral retinoblastoma and it causes cancerous tumors to form in the cells of the retinas and sometimes the brain. Valentino was started on six months of chemotherapy followed by two months of radiation therapy. Unfortunately, Valentino lost the use of his right eye and is legally blind in his left.

For his wish, Valentino wanted to meet his favorite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, and that’s just what he did. At Disney World in Florida, Tino and his mom and brother spent several days watching shows, riding rides and meeting all of Tino’s favorite characters. Some of his favorite experiences there were the show in front of Cinderella’s castle and the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin ride. While in Florida, Tino and his family also visited Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Wonderworks and Sea World. It was definitely a trip to remember for little Tino, who still raves about his wish.

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Wish: Visit Mickey Mouse’s House
Wish Type: Theme Parks


Wishes Granted

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