I Loved my Legoland Wish!

Name: David
Age: 13
State: NM

In 2003, David kept having numerous seizures and everyone thought he had epilepsy. After his family moved to New Mexico, he was taken to a neurologist for testing and they discovered that he suffers from a genetic disorder called tuberous sclerosis. This condition causes tumors to grow in different parts of the body; in David’s case, the noncancerous tumors have formed in his brain. These tumors cause his seizures – which are now more frequent despite his being on anti-seizure medication – as well as a stutter and developmental delays.

David’s wish was to visit Legoland in California, and he had the time of his life. He was given VIP treatment everywhere he went and he especially liked seeing the amazing LEGO sculptures of cars and buildings. Another favorite activity for David was visiting the zoo and going on a safari trip to feed African animals!

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Wish:Visit Legoland
Wish Type: Travel


Wishes Granted

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