I Can’t Thank You Enough for my MacBook Pro!

Name: Quan
Age: 18
State: TX

Two years ago in China, Quan woke up in the middle of the night with severe pains in his leg. He was rushed to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed that he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma – a cancer of the lymphatic system. He began treatment and, two years later, his condition was only getting worse. Together, Quan and his parents relocated to the United States in hopes of new treatment for his cancer, and things are really looking up.

Quan asked if he could have a MacBook Pro for his wish and that’s just what he got, in addition to a gift box full of surprises chosen especially for him.

“The gift box was AWESOME!” exclaimed Quan. “The box arrived earlier than the MacBook. At first I thought, ‘Why do they need such a big package for a laptop?’ Then, after I opened it, the surprise was just written on my face…The feeling I have most is gratitude to have given me such a great joy. All the work you guys have achieved for me and for all those kids is so admirable! Thank you, thank you so much!”

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Wish: MacBook Pro
Wish Type: Commodity


Wishes Granted

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